Wireless network

A wireless network is a way of connecting to the Internet without the need for a cable connection from a computer to a phone line. Being able to connect to the Internet by way of a wireless network has become an alternative to getting online through the traditional cable connection method. The latter was the only way to connect to the net when the Internet first began.


Wireless network

A wireless network is a way of connecting to the Internet without the need for a cable connection.

There are several types of wireless networks, including WLAN and cellular. WLAN stands for wireless local area network, and is used for short distance connections between a minimum of two different devices. Cellular is a mobile network. Other types of wireless networks are PAN, MAN, and WAN. PAN, or personal area networks, often utilizes Bluetooth technology and normally covers a very short distance. MAN connects several LANs, and stands for metropolitan area networks. WAN, or wireless wide area networks, covers wide areas and can be used to connect businesses in different cities.

Connecting to a wireless network will require a wireless adapter, which should be inserted into an empty USB port. Next, check that your router indicates that you are connected to a wireless network.

You will need to ensure that your router can pick up a clear wireless network signal. This will be fairly easy to determine just by either moving the router closer to your computer, or by moving your computer closer to the router. Then check the signal strength of the connection.

Ideally, to achieve the best wireless network reception, you should have an unobstructed path between the adapter and the router, i.e. not too close to walls and doors. Placing your router in the centre of a building is the best option, if more than one area of the property is used to connect to the Internet.

If your connection to a wireless network appears to fade in and out, then you should look at the position of your adapter and router to check whether you can achieve a better reception by moving either slightly. A slight repositioning can make all the difference to the quality of the reception.

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