An Overview of MIXVoip

MIXVoip phone

As one of the most innovative and state-of-the-art telephony services on the market, MIXVoip is able to offer bespoke solutions for all of a company’s communicating needs. As the field of modern technology is both diverse and flexible, MIXVoip has created sustainable and yet adaptable private branch exchange (PBX) platforms that will provide superior communications capabilities.

MIXVoip employs a PBX service that is fully scalable and therefore will conform to the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises that are expected to grow into the future. As this software is based in the cloud, it is fully costumisable and will accommodate nearly every communications purpose.

Additionally, MIXVoip and its software can be seamlessly integrated into traditional desktop phones, smartphones and Android devices. This synergy provides customers with the unique capability to communicate from virtual positions rather than being forced to remain in a static office environment.

Another feature that serves to define MIXVoip as the preferred choice for businesses is the fact that the software and PBX services are very user-friendly and require little orientation. Thus, there is less downtime and more of an ability for a company to return its core responsibilities.

MIXVoip is extremely modular in its nature; that is, companies can utilise the tools that they need while forgoing other services that may not be relevant. Added to this flexibility is the fact that new, streamlined features are added each month. These features are thereafter integrated into all existing software without requiring any effort on the part of the client.

It should also be noted that MIXVoip boasts some of the most competitive call rates in the industry. These extremely low rates are combined with other standard features such as:

  • Call transfer
  • Call redirect
  • Webphone Integration
  • On-hold music
  • Conference calling
  • Click-to-dial programmes from many web-based applications

These are but a few of the reasons why MIXVoip is quickly becoming the leading PBX software choice for growing businesses across the globe. Thus, it is all but clear to appreciate what opportunities you have with wlan when combined with the robust and flexible platform that MIXVoip provides.

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