An Overview of MIXVoip

MIXVoip phone

As one of the most innovative and state-of-the-art telephony services on the market, MIXVoip is able to offer bespoke solutions for all of a company’s communicating needs. As the field of modern technology is both diverse and flexible, MIXVoip has created sustainable and yet adaptable private branch exchange (PBX) platforms that will provide superior communications capabilities.

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Ad Hoc Network

Wireless Ad Hoc Network

An ad hoc network is a decentralised wireless network. An ad hoc network works by using nodes to transmit data instead of the usual routers or access points used by fixed wireless networks. They can also use flooding to forward information. An ad hoc network is usually a set of networks in which all the devices have the same status within the network and are able to connect with any other ad hoc network within range.

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